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Female Long-boarder, model and brand ambassador

Art & Mindfulness…

‘Art opens the windows to the soul and allows the light to flood in, in all kinds of ways, in all forms of shape and colour, in its own unique style…’ Art really is a form of escapism and a... Continue Reading →


What I miss most about boarding, when out of action.

From the clammy waiting room, past the doors of the Hospital, into a ward whereby this young stoke searching teenager finds herself on bed rest and out of action for more than a few months. It’s August… the sun is... Continue Reading →

What Long-boarding teaches you about life…

I’ve recently just written a ‘notice letter’ to my workplace, and on this letter, one of the lines read –  “the skills I have learnt here have been so beneficial and I’ll carry them with me in the future.” This... Continue Reading →

Female Long-Boarding. What’s the low down on the girls who shred’?!

Let’s dive into the world of female skateboarding and delve into the realm of the female long boarder. Let’s begin to take a look at the women of the skating world and explore the many ways that these women are taking... Continue Reading →

Fuertaventura Skate Scene.

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NEWQAUY ~ The town where memories are made…

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A ‘new by’s guide to long-boarding.

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